2020 Big Book Projects

2020 Big Book Projects:

I have three major big projects to finish this year:

  1. A book on Joseph Antenor Firmin (Routledge) I am editing with the great DrPaul Camy Mocombe: we have reviewed all the sixteen chapters with the exception of two chapters that were originally written in French. We’re currently translating them in English.
  2. An intellectual history on Haiti (University Press of Mississippi): the manuscript is completed; however, I have to put some final touch on it and incorporate a few suggestions from my reviewers.
  3. An intellectual biography on Jean Price-Mars (Vanderbilt University Press): I have to finish the last two chapters. They’re in draft forms at the moment.

*** Having just published a co-edited volume on Edwidge Danticat (“Approaches to Teaching the Works of Edwidge Danticat,” Routledge 2019), I would love to write a single author-book about her work. I already wrote a proposal draft. It will be a book about the intersection of literature, death, and redemption in the works of Danticat.

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