Speaking at the University of Florida on Vodou and Christianity in Haiti

I will be speaking at the University of Florida on  Thursday, November 12, 2015 (Dauer Hall 215; Time: 4:00-500 PM) on the subject of Vodou and Christianity in Haiti. Please read the flyer for more information. This event is hosted by the Center for Latin American Studies.


JPAS’ Special Edition on Wole Soyinka: Rethinking Wole Soyinka: 81 Years of Protracted Engagement

I’m pleased to announce that I had the opportunity to serve as the guest editor for JPAS’ special edition (Volume 8 • Number 5 • September 2015) on Wole Soyinka entitled “Rethinking Wole Soyinka: 81 Years of Protracted Engagemented.” We are one of the few academic journals that is honoring Soyinka on his 81st years of life. It was a pleasure to work with a host of prominent Soyinka Scholars–both in continental Africa and African Diaspora–and Dr. Itibari M. Zulu, the chief editor of the Journal, has been very supportive of this project. Now, go read these fine essays online.”

Docteur Lou's photo.
Here are the essays I contributed to this special issue: “Rethinking Wole Soyinka:81 Years of Protracted Engagement:”