Income Inequality/Wealth (Mis-)Distribution is a Moral Sin!

Income Inequality/ Wealth (Mis-) Distribution is a Moral Sin!
In the English Composition class I teach every semester, my students usually write an essay on the idea of the “American Dream.” I try to help my students to think critically about the relationship between the craft and art of “writing well and effectively” and the “reality of life.”
This semester, I’m going to show this documentary below produced by ABC News about income inequality in the United States and the life of this particular firefighter in Pennsylvania who works three jobs to support his family.
The featured firefighter in the video is a hard-working professional who works two full time jobs and a part time job to provide for his family.
No, the poor are not lazy!
No, the working class Americans are certainly not lazy.
Wealth (mis-) distribution or income inequality in this country is a moral sin, a profound crisis. There’s a deep ethical problem between the rich and the rest of us.