Speaking Engagement and Request

Celucien L. Joseph, PhD


Dr. Celucien L. Joseph is available to speak on a number of issues pertaining to his areas of expertise, research, and interest. In particular, he’s enthusiastic about informing interested audience (i.e. religious and faith-based organizations, churches, humanitarian groups or organizations, NGOs) about the work of Hope for Today Outreach in Haiti among the poor and the needy. Some of the topics he would like to cover include the following:

  • Christianity and Culture
  • Christianity and Public Engagement
  • Christianity and Civic Responsibility
  • Racial Reconciliation and Racial Harmony
  • Religious Diversity and Pluralism
  • Race and Christian Theology
  • Missions
  • The Bible As Literature
  • Suffering and Redemption
  • The problem of evil and suffering in African American Theology & Literature
  • Religion and the construction of Freedom in modernity
  • The Bible and The problem of Slavery
  • The Church as an Agency of Social Control
  • Theology, Modernity, and Race

To contact Dr. Joseph, kindly send him an email message, or you may write to him at the information provided below:

Dr. Celucien L. Joseph
P.O. Box 7666
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34985

E-mail: celucienjoseph@gmail.com

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