Media (Videos, Interviews, etc.)

Celucien L. Joseph, PhD

dr joseph1

A. Interviews with or by  Dr. Celucien L. Joseph:

  • Dr. Joseph solicits help for underprivileged students and families in Haiti  (June 2015)

Alice Backer.jpg 2

*Alice Backer of and guest Dr. Célucien Joseph discuss the life and legacy of Anthénor Firmin, father of Pan-Africanism.

Alice Backer

  • Interview with Denzara Travay Lakay about Haitian Protestantism (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, June, 2016)

“Dr. Joseph reflects on  Haitian Protestantism in the Diaspora.”

B. Readings by Dr. Celucien L. Joseph:

C. From the program: “Dialogue with Dr. Joseph”

  • “The Significance of the Bois Caiman Event of August 14, 1791: Freedom from Below and the Politics of God in the Haitian Revolution”

In celebration of the general revolt that took place in the historic night of August 14, 1791, in Bois Caimain in Northern Haiti, less than 15 miles from the city of Cap-haitian, Dr. Celucien Joseph discusses the importance and role of religion in the unfolding events leading to the Haitian Revolution in 1804. You can either listen to or watch the conversation below. The choice is yours. You ARE THE BOSS:-)

D. Invited Lectures/Talks

Below is my lecture on Vodou and Christianity in Haiti, which I delivered at the University of Florida (November, 2015):”What are They Saying about Vodou: Christian-Vodouist Tradition or Dialogue.” The entire lecture is divided in four segments.

“What are They Saying about Vodou?” (Part 1)

“What are They Saying about Vodou?” (Part 2)

“What are They Saying about Vodou?” (Part 3)

“What are They Saying about Vodou?” (Part 4)

E. To learn more about Dr. Joseph’s media and teaching videos, click on this link: HTO Media.

E. “Rethinking Haiti and the Haitian People in the Twenty-first Century”


As I continue to observe the political situation in Haiti, and the current presidential election crisis in the country, and the reaction of the Haitian people and their discontent about their living condition, I am more compelled today as I were decades ago that my old belief and assessment about the Haitian condition are correct. Haitian instability, the inhumane living condition of the Haitian people, and the country’s development crisis are due chiefly to both internal and external forces. In this brief essay, I reflect on both contributing factors of Haiti’s woes, the relationship between the Haitian politician or public servant to the Haitian state. Finally, I propose a way forward to improve both the Haitian political society and civil society, and the living condition of the Haitian people.

To read the entire text, click on this link.

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