This blog articulates the ideas, opinions, concerns, and meditations of Dr. Celucien L. Joseph, Professor of English at Indian River State College, and President of Hope for Today Outreach.


To contact Dr. Joseph, kindly send him an email message, or you may call or write to him at the information provided below:

Celucien L. Joseph, PhD
Departments of English and Communications

Indian River State College

3209 Virginia Avenue

Fort Pierce, Florida 34981-5596

Tel: 772 462-7708

E-mail: cjoseph@irsc.edu or celucienjoseph@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. You know Professor Eoghan Ballard? He is my friend of many years and he is translating into English the book entitled The voodoo in Cuba, of which I am the main author. I need your help for me to be invited to the event “Speaking at the University of Florida on Vodou and Christianity in Haiti,” which I have reported several Cuban religious and You has published on its website. Can you help me promote an invitation to develop lectures on the theme of Afro-Cuban religions, Spiritualism in his Cuban variants and voodoo in Cuba? What could you achieve this invitation in your university? I will send my resume for you to present your University or at other universities in the United States. I am pleased to overtake to you my deepest gratitude


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