Letter to Evangelical Christians in America: Let Your Passion be Single: Jesus Christ and the predicament of the Evangelical Soul

Letter to Evangelical Christians in America

Subject: Let Your Passion be Single: Jesus Christ and the predicament of the Evangelical Soul

The crisis of contemporary American Evangelicalism is a radical shifting of allegiance and submission–from the sovereign lordship of Jesus Christ to the worship of a different master-lord:the cultural masters and political idols of this age. This form of cultural evangelicalism must die in order for King Jesus to resurrect the Evangelical soul from its predicament, and to reign supreme and without restraint in American Christian churches and Evangelical communities. The evangelical conscience in our contemporary culture has undergone a paradigm shift that silences the voice and conscience of the Spirit of God in public places.

When evangelicals think, act, and behave poorly, both in the public and private sphere, in matters of political and cultural choices, ethical and moral decisions, civic participation and community engagement, they become the worst enemy of the faith they claim to proclaim and the God they claim to love and serve. The passion of evangelicals for cultural supremacy and their zeal for political power, and racial privileges and class advantages is the antithesis of biblical Christianity and the way of the cross and the call to self-denial.

Jesus Christ is so much better and more delightful than a transient government, ephemeral political joys and victories, and temporary cultural triumphalism and human supremacy.

Evangelicals: you have sold your souls to cultural prostitutes and political demons. They are distractors of your faith and public witness. You must learn to give up (your) ungodly passions, power, privileges, and dominance in order to proclaim the way of the cross and let people wonder about the infinite value and worth, and wonderful salvation of Jesus Christ.

Let your passion be single!

Let God repair the Evangelical conscience!

To the glorious praise of the triune God and our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Joseph


A morning prayer for the City:

A morning prayer for the City:

Let us beseech the God of the City in intercessory prayer for the safety of the city and for his love and grace to reign supreme in the heart of every individual and household.

Let us welcome the Spirit of God to the city so he could move without restraint.

Let us invite the Son to rise up in every corner and public and private place in the city.

Let every heart and household in the city surrender deliberately to the will and sovereignty of the rising Son, the love of the Father, and the comfort of the consuming Spirit!


Worship as the soul of humanity in the soul of God

Worship as the soul of humanity in the soul of God

What if we conceive corporate worship when the people of God gather as one & as a unique moment for God to experience us and delight in the words, prayers, and the songs we bring to him?
Worship is not about us experiencing God, but God experiencing us and delighting in us. Think about the difference that would make in our attitude toward God when he encounters us in corporate worship.

God is always ready to encounter us and available for us to experience him. Nonetheless, we’re not always fit or available for God to experience us. What if the soul of humanity could indwell permanently in the soul of God just like the soul of God residing permanently in our soul?

Calendar of Events (March-May, 2018): “The Grove” at Jesus Center Community Church

Calendar of Events: March –May, 2018

“The Grove” at Jesus Center Community Church

We are “The Grove”

“Real Life Issues & Gospel-Centered Conversations with and for the Millennials”

Month of March

 Tuesday, March 13, 2018: “Jesus, Sexual Identity, and Gender Trouble” (Part 1)

*** “I’m a Christian and was born a girl, but I do not feel like a girl in the inside, but a boy; When I get older and have the money, I’m thinking seriously about changing my sex to be a boy.”

Speaker: Dr. Joseph

  • Tuesday, March 27, 2018: “Jesus & the Gay Christian” (Part 2)

*** “I’m a Christian and gay; I’m dating this young man/woman whom I really love. We both love Jesus, go to church, and someday we would like to get married in the Church.”

Speaker: Dr. Joseph

Month of April

 Tuesday, April 10, 2018: Millennials and the Question of God

*** I was raised in the Church; however, since I started to attend College and become acquainted with the world outside of the church, I began to doubt the necessity for God and at the moment, I do not see any value of going (back) to church nor have I any interest in Christianity.”

Speaker: Dr. Joseph

 Tuesday, April 24, 2018: Christian Millennials in the Church

*** I’m a millennial attending a church, but do not feel that I belong there. The church does not value my opinions, perspective, or do not care about what my needs are.”

Speaker: Dr. Joseph & Pastor Charles

 Month of May

 Tuesday, May 8, 2018: Love & Singleness

***”Does God care about whom I date?” or “does He have a specific person for me to date?”

Speaker: Pastor Charles

  • Tuesday, May 22: Roles and Functions in Marriage

***Is biblical submission only applicable in marriage”? Or “is it also applicable in dating”? What does the husband do in the marriage? What does the wife do in the marriage?

Speaker: Pastor Charles & Dr. Joseph

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We are “The Grove”

*** We are located at the Orange Blossom Business Center/Mall

Let teachers carry books to class  and cops carry guns to the street!

Let teachers carry books to class and cops carry guns to the street!

A teacher is an educator who is professionally trained to teach and educate students. The primary role of a teacher is not to ensure the physical safety of his or her students, but to teach. While teachers are also expected to ensure the safety of their students, but it is always through the instrument of language and the display of their moral virtues and exemplary character in the classroom, as well as through the modeling to students human dignity, mutual respect, tolerance, good citizenship, and common understanding.

The School of Education does not provide instructions to teachers on firearms or how to handle guns; by contrast, it is the duty of the Police Academy to fulfill this objective to those who are called to the Police Force or armed forces.

In the same line of thought, a school counselor advises his or her students; a physician or nurse provides medical care and healing to his or her patient; an attorney provides legal advice to his or her clients; a minister nourishes the soul of his or her congregation; and a mechanic fixes automobiles. None of these professionals is expected to render adequate and satisfactory service (in his or her respective discipline) to his or her customers, clients, patients by bearing a protective firearm.

A teacher is not a police officer or a security guard. To suggest that a teacher should carry a firearm to the classroom just in case of a potential threat of death or mass shooting in schools contradicts the philosophy of teaching and the core values and goals of education. This is an unethical demand!

Let teachers carry books and cops carry guns!

America’s Children and The Memory of Tomorrow

“America’s Children and The Memory of Tomorrow”

What kind of memory this country is constructing for the children and youth of this generation?

We’re raising children today who will become the adults of (America’s) tomorrow, whose childhood in contemporary American life is masked by tragic fear, terror, and gun violence. Our contemporary children are the memory of tomorrow. What will they remember about their America?

They will remember their American childhood as a zone of death and a country that did not care about the life of its children and the preservation of human life.

They will remember their American schools, theaters, churches, temples, social clubs, marketplaces, and any meeting place as unsafe places for them, family members, their classmates or friends.

They will remember America as the country in which places of sanctuary, refuge or shelter were rare to find or did not exist in their childhood.

They will remember America as a nation that shuts its heart to the suffering and pain of its children, and where life is cold and sour.

What a tragic life and traumatic legacy our children today will inherit tomorrow?

What a devastating mental scar that will mark permanently their American experience as both children and adults!

“A voice is heard in Ramah,
mourning and great weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children
and refusing to be comforted,
because they are no more.”— Jeremiah 31:15