Day Two: February 4, on Black History Month

Day Two: February 4, on Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, I am recommending the following five texts on African History:

  1. “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality” by Cheik Anta Diop
  2. “Key Events in African History: A Reference Guide” by Toyin Falola
  3. “The Africans: A Tripple Heritage” by Ali A. Mazrui
  4. “A Thousand Years of West African History” by Jacob Ade Ajayi
  5. “The World and Africa: An Inquiry Into the Part which Africa Has Played in World History” by W. E. B. Du Bois

*** Every day is Black History Month.

Every day we celebrate human beings created in the image of God.

Every day we celebrate the gift of life and the gift of black life because black people and all people MATTER to God.


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