“The end of a Rainbow”: A New Poem

I wrote this new poem tonight just a few hours after I had my booster shot. Lol
I gave it a name: “The end of a Rainbow.”
Happy reading, Good People!

“The end of a Rainbow”

You are the end of the rainbow
my heart is trapped with your soul
unable to cross over the other world
to be in your endless weekends
falling under the hypnotic spell of your romance
to reach the rainy season of life
the dark kiss of the bluest star

You are the custodian of the moon
the physical entrance to heaven’s gate
You are an island oasis, my raindrop pearl.
Your imagination is like the aroma of passion fruit flowers,
the delight of Baobab trees
that defy the drought of my soul.
I compare you to a living fossil that sustains life in me,
and prolongs human existence in the outside world
You, the leaves of Maple that glisten with different colors of love: green, crimson, russet…
I relax in your bungalow of care
finding you is like finding the end of a rainbow

You are the shelter of the soul
looking at you makes me marvel where eternity begins
why the Ginkgo tree drops beautiful yellow leaves in the morning
why the birds sing during the midnight hour
I am inspired by your golden sunflower
to rest in the warmth of the sun of your skin
I crush on this fun fragrance of you
and dream of happy days with you
You are the end of a rainbow.

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