“In the Shadow of Your Love”: A New Poem

I spent the entire night working on a new poem. I gave it this name: “In the Shadow of Your Love”

In the shadow of your love
Love of stronger sea waves,
more secure than the umbilical cord of life,
more robust than the firmness of Samson.
Love that beats faster than the Queen of Sheba’s heart,
more inviting than her Black caress to the King,
seducing all young lovers to fall,
L’ Abri of dehydrated souls, rest and refresh.

In the shadow of your love
Love of ancestral past,
memories that will last,
steadfast like the brute fire force of Ogoun,
transcending the wisdom of Athena,
more beautiful than the beauty of Aphrodite.
Love that does not give up nor give in.

In the shadow of your love
Love of powerhouse of life,
upholding all powerhouse girls in light,
the shield of Harlem night dancers, delight and candlelight,
supporting all women to shine and be themselves.
Love that carries human joys and charms to the stars.

In the shadow of your love
Love of one thousand rainfalls,
make our life blossom for a thousand years,
manifest our dreams to create the life you love,
You, the guardian of my destiny,
the name of my rose,
the clarity of my passion,
come back to me to live without shame
our story can resume in the name of love
lead me to walk in the shadow of your love.

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