“Theologizing in Black and Theorizing Africana Studies”

In this book (published in April 2020), I employed what I call a “black encounter metholodogical hermeneutics” (I used a different theoretical concept in the book) to bring in dialogue various intellectual fields of study: Black/African American Studies, Haitian Studies, Caribbean Studies (both Francophone and Anglophone worlds), and African studies (both Francophone and Anglophone worlds) under the big umbrella of Africana Studies.

This is a work on critical cultural and religious discourse and political and theological reflection concerning two broad subjects: anthropology and ethics. This is the first volume of an anticipated three volume work. The second one will be on the doctrine of God, and the final book will be on Christology. I will take a similar approach: the black encounter metholodogical hermeneutics within the grand Africana Critical Theory and Criticism.

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