Who Will Stand in the Gap?

Who Will Stand in the Gap?

The President of the United States did not see any contradiction between American democracy and the doctrine of white supremacy. He was given opportunities to denounce white supremacy in public, but refused to do so in public while the whole world was watching America on stage. The democratic life is in peril.

The sad news about the Presidential debate is this: this is the same President White American Evangelicals continue to support overwhelmingly and with stronger commitment and loyalty. No wonder some critics have argued that white Christianity is the root of white supremacy and racism in the American society.

The good news is this: who will stand in the gap? The good Lord of heavens and earth is still looking for watchmen and watchwomen in the American society to shine in the darkness and to dispel this culture of death, hopelessness, and lovelessness.

Please give me sweet Jesus the Mashiach, the friend of the poor and sinners, and the lover of the prostitute and the marginalized.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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