A Christian Response to the Killing of Ahmaud Aubery

After my white evangelical Christian friend from College read the article I wrote about the killing of #AhmaudAubery for #TheWitnessBCC, he wrote this heartbroken and insensitive note to me. He still does not understand or does not want to understand the fragility of black life in America.

Click on the link below to read the article:

Ahmaud Arbery, the Killing of Whiteness, & the Preservation of Black Lives in America

Here are his words:

“Plz explain why you are upset about those two guys in Georgia and not upset about black on Black Death that is sky high? I’m not being argumentative…I’m trying to understand. I feel like I only hear from you and others when there’s a white on black killing. It seems like you are possessed of an ideology that believes whites hate black ppl and have created a system designed to kill them. There’s no word from you or anyone unless there’s an interracial crime with a white perpetrator. The way many talk (you included) it would seem like the systemic issues are wide spread and a genocide is happening right before our eyes. 1. Do you believe that all whites want to kill blacks? 2. Do you believe that every single level of government is filled with white people out to kill blacks? 3. Do you believe this is everywhere in our country? Every town…city…state…all completely dedicated to the mission of murdering blacks? Again not offended or being argumentative. I understand that blacks deserve to be angry about what whites have done for hundreds of years. It this is generational hate/resentment then fine. I’m trying to understand…I’m sure I can’t (I guess). Don’t respond if you don’t want to. I’m at peace with knowing the system is slowly improving the more engaged ppl are in it.”

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