No to “State Religion”

This particular case (See the article by clicking on the link below) in Pakistan where Islam is “the state religion” and “the official religion” of Pakistan is a clear example why (a) “state religion” can potentially become burdensome to those who practice a different religious tradition than what is embraced and approved by the political state. Those who practice a religious faith deemed “minority religion” could be subject to religious isolation and persecution if the rights and freedom of the “minority religion” is not secured and maintained by state laws governing religious practices and differences (A state religion is different than a theocratic government; similarly, a secular state is not the opposition of a state religion. Secularism is not a better option for democratic flourishing and the common good nor does it promise the triumph of religious pluralism and difference.)

A democratic state in which all religious faiths and traditions are considered equally valid is one of the strategic methods and practices to allow religious pluralism and inter-religious dialogue to flourish among all citizens–regardless of their religious affiliation and confession. Not only a democratic government should preserve and promote democratic values and ideals, it should equally recognize the validity of all different and religious ideals and worldviews–given that those confessional beliefs and practices are not a hindrance to individual freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and expression, and the political sovereignty of the nation-state.

“Pakistan clears Christian woman in landmark blasphemy case

Court frees Aasia Bibi – on death row for nine years – in a case that has become emblematic of fair trial concerns. by

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