A Prayer for National Healing and a Wounded Nation!

A Prayer for National Healing and a Wounded Nation!

Lord: We pray in this way for holistic healing and restoration of this nation:

where there’s hate, grant us us love.
where there’s despair, give us hope.
where there’s division, grant us unity.
where there’s chaos, give us peace.
where there’s isolation, grant us community.
where there’s sin, give us repentance.
where there’s retaliation, grant us forgiveness.
where there’s vengeance, grant us reconciliation.

Lord, we mourn with those who are mourning, and we lament with those who are lamenting today. Give us and them strength, courage, perseverance, and boldness to resit the forces of evil and hatred in our society and in the world. Let us together seek a place in You for shelter, comfort, and shalom.


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