“Haitian Studies and the Tens”

“Haitian Studies and the Tens”

10 Major and Prolific (Contemporary) Haitian Writers Writing in English You Must Read:

1. Edwidge Danticat
2. Robert Fatton Jr.
3. Alex Dupuy
4. Michel S. Laguerre
5. Myriam J. A. Chancy
6. Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
7. Leon D. Pamphile
8. Gina Athena Ulysses
9. Marlene Daut
10. Paul Camy Mocombe

***This list for English speakers who have an interest in Haitian intellectual production in English. The listed individuals above are contemporary writers.

10 Major and Prolific (Contemporary) Haitian Writers Writing in French You Must Read:

1. Franketienne
2. Rene Depestre
3. Jean Casimir
4. Laennec Hurbon
5. Dany Laferriere
6. Lynel Trouillot/Louis-Philippe Dalembert
7. Gary Victor
8. Yanick Lahens
9. Kettly Mars
10. Evelyne Trouillot

10 Major and Prolific (Contemporary) Non-Haitian Writers Writing in English about Haiti You Must Read:

1. David Patrick Geggus (Historian)
2. Laurent Dubois (Historian)
3. Brenda Gayle Plummer (Historian)
4. Philippe R. Girard (Historian)
5. Martin Munro (Literary scholar)
6. Nick Nesbitt (Literary Scholar)
7. Jana Evans Braziel (Literary scholar)
8. Jeremy D. Popkin (Historian)
9. Kaima L. Glover (Literary scholar) & Amy Wilentz (Literature and History)
10. Terry Rey (Religious scholar)

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