“On Writing Well: A Few Good Tips about Effective Writing”

“On Writing Well: A Few Good Tips about Effective Writing”

1. Writing is about imitation. Individuals who have become good, strong, and professional writers had to learn the craft (art ?) of writing from someone they trust. In the process, you will develop your own identity and voice as a writer.

2. Good writers never stop improving their craft. In other words, effective writers are permanent students who believe that they can always say it more effectively and differently.

3. Whatever your Composition Professor is teaching you about the writing process and the mechanics of writing, he/she would like you to incorporate the newly-acquired skills in your next essay or future writing project. We do not want you to just learn it and store it in your brain; we want you to do it on paper. Show it to us through the written word!

4. Writing is about demonstration, not mere memorization. A writer is a person who writes. Writing is an activity one does and practices. To express it differently, one is not a writer until one writes. The one who writes understands that the writing process requires sacrifice, time investment, and discipline. Correspondingly, the process of producing good writing comes with revisions, disappointments, and even discouragement; the process of writing well calls for patience, endurance, and responsibility.

5. The goal of writing is communication. If the writer does not communicate effectively, he or she is not writing effectively and understandably. The one who writes actively and is concerned about reaching his or her audience, this individual is mindful about what to write about and will figure out the most constructive way to articulate the subject matter with clarity and precision.

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