“Hymns and Sound Theology”

“Hymns and Sound Theology”

I am a big fan of the Protestant Hymns. They embody profound theological narratives and discourses about God, humanity, and salvation; they also articulate a deep reverence for God’s holiness, majesty, and sovereignty, and simultaneously the weakness and independence of humanity in view of God’s transcendence and self-sufficiency.

One of my favorite hymns of all time is arguably “A Mighty Fortress is our God,” which the great Protestant Reformer and Theologian Martin Luther wrote and composed between 1527 and 1529. The hymn is based on the message of Psalm 46.

” Bondye ou Fidel” (“God: You are faithful” or “The Faithful God” ), by Fidel Delly Benson, is one of the most powerful Christian and theological songs ever written in the Creole language. I have listened to this song countless times. Its theology is deep, as it reminds me of the theological precision and clarity of “A Mighty Fortress”; the message it conveys is comforting, encouraging, and liberating.

” Bondye ou Fidel” is both theocentric and christocentric.

Blessed are the churches that still sing the great hymns of the Christian faith, they will be called the churches of the living God. 🙂

Happy Listening and Worship!

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