A Prayer to the God of Justice!

A Prayer to the God of Justice

​Oh mighty God: you are just, holy, and judge righteously and impartially. We pray that Walter Scott’s family will find justice. We also pray that you will give them courage, strength, and determination to not to give up but to strive until you grant them justice. We also pray for all individuals who are victims of social and legal injustice, as well as human oppression and violence.

Oh God of justice:how many times,  the American justice system has failed the poor, marginalized minority and groups, and Blacks in this country!

Oh rigtheous God: we long and cry for justice and equality in this country! We pray for the triumph of racial justice and the celebration of racial unity and harmony in our society.

Oh holy God: Oh how much, we can’t wait any longer for justice and righteousness to reign supreme in this land! We pray to Thee,  O sovereign God of the universe to mend our racial wound and heal our land. 

Oh Justice, dear Justice, sweet Justice: why are you hiding your face from us who are poor and marginalized? We pray to Thee, O Lord God almighty to orient our hearts toward forgiveness; to guide our thought toward righteousness; to direct our path toward holiness; and to turn our hearts and minds toward repentance and reconciliation.

Oh God our Refuge: We pray for strength, courage, and boldness. Oh mighty God, we shall not fear!

“Once they tell us, Jehovah, that in the great shadows of the past Thou hast whispered to a quicvering people, saying, “Be not afraid.” He watching over Israel slumbers not nor sleeps. Grant us today, O God, that fearlessness that rests on confidence in the ultimate rightness of things. Let us be afraid neither of mere physical hurt, nor of the unfashionableness of our color, nor of the unpopularity of our cause; let us turn toward the battle of life undismayed and above all when we have fought the good fight grant us to face the shadow of death with the same courage that has let us live.Amen.”– W.E. B. Du Bois, “Prayers for Dark People”

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