Everything “White” is Awesome including the Minnesota “Black” Santa Claus!

Everything “White” is Awesome including the Minnesota “Black” Santa Claus!

It has been reported in the Star Tribune (see “Racists Freak Out Over Black Santa At Mall Of America” ) that a lot of white Minnesotans are not pleased to welcome the non-traditional “2016 Black Santa” in their homes and to the Mall of America; this Black Santa has interrupted the monolithic narrative of Santa Claus as a white figure in Western history. Some Minnesotans have reasoned that the former (“the Black Santa”) is unable to bring Christmas joys and cheers to the children of Minnesota because he has an unfamiliar face, and his smile is black.

Okay, Minnesota People: Here’s the verdict:
Santa is white.
(The) Unicorn is white.
God is white.
Angels are white.
Jesus is white.
Mary is white.
Joseph is white.
Satan is white.
Heaven is white.
Hell is white.
The world is white.
White reason is white.
…and you are white!

Does that make you happy?


This incident at the Mall of America is a clear example of the tragedy of Whiteness. Even though Santa is not real, (some) white people want an unreal Santa to be a “white figure.” Hence, whiteness is both visible and invisible, transcendence and immanence, real and unreal. Whiteness is that which cuts through the world of the imaginary and non-imaginary. It is both fiction and non-fiction. It is the song that could be sung and (un-) sung…a melody without rhythm.

The question that must now be asked: Where is Santa Claus’ birth certificate?

 Let’s kill the power of hate and race with the strength of radical love and inclusion.

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