On the Deportation of Illegal Haitian Immigrants and Importance of Haiti in Human History

On the Deportation of Illegal Haitian Immigrants and Importance of Haiti in Human History

If we were given a chance to live in our country with dignity and peace, be allowed to chart a new course for our collective destiny and the future generation of Haitian Youths, prosper our country, and grow both materially and spiritually, we would not come to the U.S.A. to be humiliated, dehumanized, die like dogs, and ultimately be deported back to our homeland, our Ayiti Cheri.

The color of our skin is not our shame nor is it our ancestral heritage and identity. We are a people who refuse to surrender our rights and sovereignty, and bow down before the Almighty Empire of Greed, Conquest, and Death.
The Haitian people are not dogs. Our ancestors are people who died in dignity and pride.

We changed the world in 1804.We lost our brave sons and soldiers in the American War for Independence for America to be the first free Republic in the Western World.
We helped America abolish slavery. We also helped America acquire New Orleans from France. Our ancestor Jean-Baptiste Du Sable even founded one of your landmark cities: Chicago. We gave you the gift of music, our Jazz, the gift of Creole culture, and our gift of song.

We helped liberate Latin America and other Caribbean countries from the yoke of slavery. We helped Greece in its journey toward freedom. We hosted European Jews in our small island when they had not a home in Europe.We were the first country in the Western world to say No to Slavery, No to colonization, No to white supremacy, and No to state-holding slaves!

We transformed the human condition in 1804 and beyond. We refused to be dehumanized and treated like animals by the U.S. government and Immigration!

We gave the world the gift of freedom and the gift of human rights!

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