My Brief Thought on Richard B. Spencer and The Threat of White Supremacist Groups in America’s Higher Education

Below, I express my brief thought about the case of Richard B. Spencer and the threat of White Supremacist Groups in America’s Higher Education.

First of all, we MUST stand against  any manifestation of hate  or any form of White Supremacy and White Supremacist Groups if we want to build an egalitarian society and more-promising democratic life in this country.

What transpired recently at Texas A & M, in which a white nationalist and racist by the name of Richard B. Spencer was given the “administrative” pass, is a threat to human life, American democracy, and cosmopolitanism. If the administration of Texas A & M could tolerate Mr. Spencer and allow him to deliver his racist message to the students, it is evident that America’s higher learning system is bankrupt and does not promote a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students of color.

Those of us who care about public safety and the triumph of democracy and love in our society should be puzzled and asked concurrently this challenging question: Is this really an act or example of freedom of speech?

Unashamedly, Richard B. Spencer used the platform and public sphere of a “public university” to spread the message of hate, national division, the doctrine of white supremacy, the superiority of the white race, and that the white race is the apex of human history. Spencer’s radical white supremacist discourse engenders collective fear and isolation, and stimulates collective anger and more animosity between the races.

This American freedom of speech or self-expression is detrimental to human life itself and arguably a threat to those of us who are black and brown people in this country and the world.

This needs to be stopped! If not, it will spread across our university campuses in this nation.

Finally, if the people in power and those with tremendous cultural, economic, and political influence in this country shall rise and find any merit in the project of racial justice and racial reconciliation, democratic life and egalitarianism, it is imperative that they MUST use their means and resources to stop this non-sense and white supremacy disease from spreading across this country and our university campuses that are supposed to be “sanctuary places.”

In the same line of thought, we as the people Must stand together against white supremacist groups and white supremacist rhetoric. White supremacy or any expression of hate toward any group or race is a threat to human life, cross-racial friendhisp, peace, human flourishing, and human dignity. Let’s kill the power of hate and race with the strength of radical love and inclusion.

For more information on this incident, see “A White Supremacist Incites a Crowd at Texas A&M