“In the Hills of Lisbon”

“In the Hills of Lisbon”

Lisbon is a city of hills. I wrote this poem while in the airplane–on my way back home from Lisbon. I was inspired by the beauty, the Tagus River, the Sintra Palace, the old monuments, and the sightseeing of the old city of Lisbon. I called the poem “In the Hills of Lisbon.”  The main idea of the poem is that I experienced love as an unending gift in the hills of Lisbon.

“In the Hills of Lisbon”

In the hills of Lisbon, I offered you the gift the great king denied you long ago.
The waves of the oceans created the rhythm of Sintra.
Behold, attentive birds moved gently to cross over the other side of the Tagus River,
and found rest beyond the movements of the city.
Leading the way to the mountaintop, singing parrots guided me to search for you, the “treasure” in the hills.
You are veiled in majesty as the new crowned Queen.

In the hills of Lisbon, two strange hearts made a pact
to hold hands, while trafficking in the city.
Walking by the sea, we are touched by unending love for the first time.
We said, “We will submit our young love to the sanctuary of Christ the King.
On the old train to Sintra, they exchanged a vow for eternity.
I confessed, “You are the gift of the hills of Lisbon that will never fade.”

In the hills of Lisbon, beauty and desire gave a life of union,
a ring that closed two borders,
the river and the ocean sealed with a kiss from the pearl of raindrops…
I vowed to live in harmony with you,
You said, “I am creating new dreams for you and me.”
In the hills of Lisbon, you became the gift that gave love another chance.


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