“I had a GOOD Day Today”

“I had a GOOD Day Today”

My copy editor from Wipf and Stock Publishers informed me yesterday that he finished assessing my manuscript/book, in which I bring theological (and religious) education in conversation with the issues of hermeneutics, democracy, diversity, and human flourishing. He also noted that the manuscript will now move to scheduling. That made my day, Good people!

The idea of this book came to me 19 years ago during my second semester in seminary while I was working on my Master of Divinity degree (with an emphasis in Biblical and Theological Studies and Biblical Languages). I have endured many hardships and experienced an abundant level of joy during those four years of Graduate study–in addition to another year and a half of study to obtain a research Master’s degree in New Testament in my post M.Div. moment– toward that professional degree, which had radically transformed me intellectually, ideologically, and theologically.

I’ve worked on this book sporadically for 15 years and actively in the past 10 years. As time progresses, I will tell you more about this exciting and important book of mine. In due time, I will offer more updates about the publication process. I had a good day, folks!

This good news from the copy editor is indeed an early Christmas present à moi. Let’s hope for a Summer 2022 publication, friends!

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