“It is You, the Gift”: A Poem for Abby on her 9th Birthday

My sweet and beautiful Abby turns 9 years old today. Help me wish my princess a lovely and Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🌹.

I wrote this poem for Abby.

“It is You, the Gift”

The angels shouted for joy on the day God transferred his breath in you.

He wrote your name in big Blue letters in the sky,
alerting sons and daughters a divine princess is given
to be their light and their guide.

A signals your “amour” is kind and delight.
B reminds us your “beauty” will sustain life and make us laugh.
B highlights your characteristic as daddy’s “beloved” and the “butterfly” of our sun.
Y shouts your “years” will have no end…you define “yourself” in glory and splendor.

On the day He made you and penned your name with eternal ink,
which will not fade away,
nor will it be erased forever,

The sun released his brightest energy and exploded with radiant rays, but your favorite color stood out.

Streaming through celestial gaps in clouds,
you separated darkness and light,
humanity and angels,
boys and girls,
with the shadow of your smile.

The moon clothed herself in humility and handed you a rose🌹 to sing your praise.

A new galaxy was born to celebrate your divine beauty and nobility.

The highest star touched the surface of the earth to welcome you,
and follow your lead.

In the heavens, there arose a new song,
a melody of joy and hope
to erase all false memories on planet earth.

Here you are today, the divine in our midst,
a young lady clothed with the colors of the stars,
refreshing our soul,
making humanity young again
to reach the Divine.

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