“Price-Mars and the new Haiti”

“Price-Mars and the new Haiti”

The more I think about the predicament of contemporary Haitian politics and the crisis of contemporary Haitian intelligentsia and elite group, the more I believe Jean Price-Mars’ sustaining thesis and radical nation-building project in “La Vocation de l’Élite”/”The Vocation of the Elite” (1919) are still relevant for us today to help reformat Haiti’s political order and civil society and to redirect the actions, paths, and hearts of Haitian politicians and thinkers toward the common good and human flourishing in society.

*** I am an optimist human being and thinker who still believes in the old saying that it’s never too late to redeem humanity; to save a nation (Haiti) that has a long catalogue of political bankruptcy and unfulfilled moral demands; and a people (the Haitian people) with a long history of oppression and suffering, and a “forced” survival narrative.

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