“Vertières, November 18, 1803: A Glorious Day in Human History and Global Emancipation”

“Vertières, November 18, 1803: A Glorious Day in Human History and Global Emancipation”

Today is November 18, a major day in the history of human emancipation and a watershed moment in the history of eradicating slavery in colonial Haiti (Saint-Domingue). On 18 November, 1803, the Indigène army (Indigenous Army), under the leadership of the greatest Black General who has graced the Haitian soil “Papa” Jean-Jacques Dessalines, courageously and brilliantly fought and conquered the greatest imperial army in the world, the Napoleon Bonaparte’s French army.

Because of Vertières, Jean-Jacques Dessalines founded the country of Haiti on January 1, 1804.

Because of Vertières, Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti as a land free of slavery, sovereign, and independent.

Because of Vertières, Jean-Jacques Dessalines abolished “slavery forever” in the new nation of Haiti.

Because of Vertières, other Black people in the New World who were enslaved at that time became inspired, empowered, free, and restored their proud.

Because of Vertières, the battle for human dignity and against all forms of human oppression and domination continues.

Because of Vertières, we the Haitian people must continue the fight for national sovereignty and to preserve our political freedom from any foreign threat, invasion, or domination.

Because of 18 November, 1803, Haitians worldwide must come together to (1) build a new Haiti; (2) restore the country’s political sovereignty and Justice system; (3) fight internal political corruption; (4) resist American and Western imperialism; (5) build an economically-sustaining nation; (6) ensure a bright future for the Haitian youths and the Haitian people; and (7) craft a new history of democratic freedom, human rights and justice, and national prosperity on the map of independent and sovereign Haiti.

According to Martinican poet, politician, and intellectual Aimé Césaire, it was at Vertières, 18 November 1803, the Haitian people and the enslaved African population in Saint-Domingue declared their non-negotiable humanity and proclaimed their essential dignity as individuals created ontologically equal in the image of God.

Happy Bataille de Vertières!







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