“Toward a Politics of Sustainable Development and Human Flourishing: 20 Major Forces and Interventions to Eradicate Political Corruption and Destroy American and Western Imperialism and Hegemony in Haiti”

“Toward a Politics of Sustainable Development and Human Flourishing: 20 Major Forces and Interventions to Eradicate Political Corruption and Destroy American and Western Imperialism and Hegemony in Haiti”

1. Unwavering patriotic zeal and passion for Haiti

2. Political integrity and consistency in the political life

3. The Haitianization of Haitian education (i.e. higher learning) and the indigenous formation and cultivation of this generation of Haitian youths

4. The reeducation of the Haitian elite minority and the decolonization of Haiti’s institutions and systems

5. Consistent grassroots mobilization and unity toward institutional and systemic reform in the country

6. Sustaining national solidarity and the reconstitution of the Haitian psyche toward a comprehensive self-criticism and a positive self-consciousness 

7. The removal of the corrupt Haitian oligarchy from the country–either by force or forced exile–and the revocation of their Haitian citizenship, including their rights of land ownership and their rights and freedom to conduct business in Haiti.

8. Immediate executive and judicial order to prevent current corrupt Haitian politicians, including current judges, senators, deputies, and state representatives, from participating in future elections and assuming future government offices in the next 50 years

9. Rigorous and consistent investment in technology and science, and the creation of world-class STEM schools and higher learning in the country.

10. Creation of new National, State, and Regional Ethics Committees–both at the independent and government level–to ensure financial accountability and to establish good governance and management of the resources of the Haitian state

11. Creation of new Ethics Committee at the National, State, and Regional level to regulate the operations and restrict the (suspicious) activities of the non-profit government organizations in the country of Haiti

12. Restructuring the contemporary country’s Judicial and Criminal system to ensure judicial fairness and good judgment,  promote moral excellence and integrity, and champion social and political justice in the Haitian society

13. Reframing the current Police system to ensure inclusive service and safety to the country’s citizens, dispell national corruption, and to secure moral accountability and faithfulness to the law of the land

14.  Comprehensive reform of the agricultural sector and developing the country’s natural resources toward economic development and sovereignty

15. Promote and invest in consistent programs and projects on interreligious dialogue and understanding to establish national peace and unity, to eliminate religious violence and rhetoric of demonization of certain religious traditions, and to champion our shared dignity and humanity in society

16. The reeducation of Haitian Christian ministers and clergy to value Haitian culture and tradition, and the comprehensive Haitianization of Haitian churches and other faith communities in the country

17. Developing and investing in the country’s healthcare system and public health, as well as the construction of new medical facilities and hospitals with advanced technologies and human intelligence

18. Creation of new medical schools and nursing schools, and the training of new healthcare professionals to deal with the national shortage of healthcare professionals, especially Haitian doctors and nurses in the country

19. Investing in the country’s educators and secondary-school teachers through good teacher’s educational programs and increasing teacher’s national salary

20. Creating new friendly and hospitable environments in which Haitians will learn to love Haiti and to respect each other, love one another, and support one another.

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