Ancient Christianity: A Global Religion

Christianity began as a global religion. By the first century, Christianity was already widely spread in Asia, Africa, and eventually made its way progressively to Western Europe. The historiography of ancient Christianity (especially in North Africa, Ethiopia, Nubia, Egypt) offers incredible supporting details that it was not the European Protestant Reformation, slavery, colonialism, Western capitalism or Western imperialism that globalized the Christian faith in various parts of the world. However, those historical events and moments contributed significantly to the spread of Christianity in the modern world. Yet the gravity of “World Christianity” is beyond Western Europe and Western Christianity–in the postcolonial moments.

In the same line of thought, it was not Emperor Constantin I (306- 337 AD) who globalized Christianity. Christianity was already a globalized faith before the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) and before Constantin the Great used his vast political power and influence not only to expand the Roman empire but also to expand the geographical borders of the religion of the Empire: Christianity.

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