“9 Reasons to HOPE!”

“9 Reasons to HOPE!

  1. Hope moves us forwards.
    It’s an impetus, a movement, a gentle nudge that moves us from one state to the next. It’s the horizon that begins to appear once the haze has cleared. It’s the goal post which is all we need to start mapping out all that we seek. It’s the fork in the road of past and present versus future, which way do I go?
  2. Hope inspires us… Through the stories of triumph.
    The roadmap of someone’s journey, of their experiences, of their hero’s journey. Hope gifted to us by others human beings, by warriors, by survivors. Their stories are what show us what is possible when everything seems impossible. That if they can do it, I can do it too.
  3. Hope lets us dream…
    Of a life different to the one we live, of a feeling different to the one we feel. It lets us dream of a chapter closing and of a story that’s about to begin. It’s our ‘Once upon a time…’ Our purpose coming to life, a reason to live, our reason for being that makes sense to the world that’s spinning.
  4. Hope makes us strong.
    When we feel weak, unable to get up, to begin again, that we’ve overcome this, that we’ve beaten the beast of depression, anxiety, loneliness…etc. It’s shows us that we can do it all over again. That we can win. That we can be happy. That we can love. That we can find strength because we’ve been here before, we’ve even been through worse.
  5. Hope lightens the load.
    Amidst all the heaviness. It’s the slither of air that we breathe when our lungs feel tight. It’s the moment of respite, the glimmer of hope, the crack of light in the shadow. It’s what for a moment makes us float when we feel weighed down by our mental shackles.
  6. Hope manifests for us… It creates, it flows, it dances with synchronicity. It lays unseen foundations. It turns what’s in our hearts into reality. It’s the bridge between our dreams and our world. It’s the energy that runs through us. It’s the unexplainable transformation that was once a distant thought.
  7. Hope makes us believe in something.
    Some call it God, others universe or source. It makes us believe that there is something, somewhere out there, working with us, helping us, guiding us. It makes us believe that at some point the suffering will end and that we will find peace. That somewhere within there is a stillness waiting to be found.
  8. Hope is a reminder.
    A reminder that we are still fighting, that we haven’t given up, that there is still a chance. A chance that we can change things, can turn things around, can find a way out, a different outcome. That if we look deep down, there is a speck of something that if we give it our attention might begin to shine brighter.
  9. Hope is contagious.
    It grabs us and pulls us in. It whispers maybe in our mind and quells the tremors in our heart. It makes us declare, put a stake in the ground and say “I will to, find a way through.” It’s the rally, the cry, the collective fight for another day to survive.

Courtesy of From Trauma to Triumph”

Source: Raphael Akhijemen Idialu

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