Hope for Today Outreach’s 501 (c3) Application has been approved by the IRS!

Good news, folks!!!

After five active consecutive years serving families in the state of Florida and Haiti, I’m happy to announce that Hope for Today Outreach’s application for the 501 (c3) has been approved by the IRS. It is classified as a charity (non-profit) organization.

We serve underrepresented and economically-disadvantaged families and students in the state of Florida and Haiti. Two years ago, we founded Hope Academy of Bois d’eau, a primary school located in Port Margot (Northern Haiti) that serves underrepresented families. Four of the students we tutored in mathematics, science, reading, and SAT English and Math have been admitted last year to colleges across the states. Two students we tutored in ESL are now enployed and substantially improved their skills in the English language.

“Hope for Today Outreach (HTO) takes a holistic approach to sustainable development and human flourishing so we can empower the poor, the marginalized, and the economically-disadvantaged individuals and families.”

Our motto is to “Remember the poor” (Gal. 2:10).

To learn more about us, click on the link below:


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