Ten Major Issues Facing the American Nation Today

Ten Major Issues Facing the American Nation Today:

  1. Lack of civility, integrity, and transparency in the highest governmental offices.
  2. Lack of moral decency and purity among church ministers/clergy, and lack of compassion and empathy for the poor and the needy in contemporary American churches.
  3. A crisis in gender identity and unfounded alternative sexual preferences and choices.
  4. The abandonment of moral absolutes, ethical norms, and intellectual truths.
  5. The physical distance and emotional alienation technology and social media have created among people.
  6. The problem of historical amnesia and the erasure of historical truths in the nation’s (collective) memory.

7.The rape culture and prevalence of toxic masculinity that we refuse to acknowledge as a national crisis.

  1. The corporate silence of Evangelical Churches and Christian ministers concerning social justice issues, race relations in churches, and their inaction towards public policies disenfranchising the nation’s working class people, and the economically-disadvantaged black and brown people, as well as poor whites.
  2. The false equation of American prosperity and American supremacy with divine blessings and favoritism, and Biblical Christianity and piety.
  3. The tension between obsessive individualism and relational community, leading to inhospitable attitude or treatment toward strangers, the unknown, even family members.
***To learn more about these urgent issues and other pressing needs in our society, see my new book: “American Christianity and the Culture of Death: Conversations and Poems on Racial Trauma, Social Justice, and Hope”

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