“Faith and Science in the Age of Coronavirus”

“Faith and Science in the Age of Coronavirus”

Here’s an interesting rapport between science and religion: in the difficult time of coronavirus, some people are waiting on God to work out a miracle so the virus can go away; others are desperately waiting on scientists and medical researchers to create a virus to bring global healing.

Yet there’s a third group of individuals who are incessantly praying to God to give our scientists the wisdom and knowledge to cure the world from coronavirus. The latter group believes both in God and science, understands the important dynamic between miracles and science, and does not undermine the power of supernatural intervention in the natural world and human affairs and correspondingly, they do not overlook the significance of science in the age of faith.

Folks, this is how the world works!

***As for me, I’m staying at home with my family praying and anticipating a radical intervention from both God and the world’s scientists and medical experts 🙂

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