“Pro-Life and the Way of Jesus”

“Pro-Life and the Way of Jesus”

If American christians are going to be an impartial pro-life Christian community, supported both by moral conviction and scriptural mandate, their pro-life ethico-theology must transcend the geo-political boundary of the United States.

To put this differently, when American christians promote unwarranted American military interventions in the developing world and support American wars with developing nations for the sake of American interest, thousands of unborn babies die in their mothers’ womb, newly-born infants and toddlers are also victims of American military aggression and bombing tactics, and the health of thousands of unborn babies and mothers are substantially affected by missiles and bombs. Those dangerous weapons not only cause birth defects; they are the results of thousands of deaths in the womb.

Let’s take another example that destroys life. American sanctioned-embargo in the developing world in food, medical supplies, and life necessities may result in higher starvation and poverty in those countries, affecting thousands of unborn babies and mothers (because of the lack of food and medical assistance)–leading to thousands of deaths in the womb.

It is only those who pursue peace and activate peacemaking projects who are called children of God. Non-American unborn babies and pregnant mothers in Non-American territories are also created in the image of God. Jesus loves all little children, born and unborn, American and non-American, etc. This is the way of Jesus, the christocentric ethic!

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