“On the Goal of Writing: Communal Enrichment and Public Education”

“On the Goal of Writing: Communal Enrichment and Public Education”

I believe in making knowledge accessible to the public and the common people, and free of charge. When I am writing an academic article or a book, I usually post the first draft on here to get my friends’ opinion and perspective about it.

I am all for open-access journals, which underscores my basic philosophy about public education, communal writing and sharing, and civic engagement and participation. Writing is never a means for me to make a financial gain or to get public recognition. I purposely write to facilitate communal dialogues and choose my language and words carefully even a sixth grader could get to the essence of my argument.

I write to teach and learn.
I write to engage and persuade.

I write to change the order of things.
I write for conversation and community building.

I write for communal growth and healing, and human flourishing.
I write to wage war against forces of human oppression and systems of abuse and exploitation.

I write for consolation and transformation.
I write to protest and for solidarity.

I write for peace, justice, unity, and (re-) conciliation.
I write to give life and to sustain life.


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