My Allegiance is to Christ Alone, not to a Christian Denomination or Theological System!

“My Allegiance is to Christ Alone, not to a Christian Denomination or Theological System”

This short post is in response to my long article, “Liberation Theology and Evangelical Theology: Let the Real Enemy of Evangelical Theology Stand Up,” and those who are offended by it and my articulated position. Some individuals already wrote to me to express their discontent and to rebuke me.

I love the SBC and even pastor a church affiliated with the SBC. I attended three SBC schools for my undergraduate and graduate studies. I can say that I have some understanding of the SBC culture, historical trajectories, and the blending and achievement of racial politics and racist ideas in its midst.

I critique the SBC as an organization and its affiliated institutions because I love it (them) and because of this admiration, I long for revolutionary change within its (their) structure, organization, politics, representation, race, culture, mission, ideologies, etc.–especially its (their) attitude toward and treatment of the “racialized” and “minoritized” groups and human beings in this country and overseas in its/their missionary activities and evangelistic projects.

In the same way, I critique (Haiti and its detrimental and destructive political culture) the Haitian American church because I love it and want to witness radical change in its midst.

At the end of the day, I am a committed follower of Jesus. My allegiance is to Christ alone, not to a Christian organization or Christian denomination (i.e. Baptist, Nazarene, SBC) or a political nation (i.e. Haiti, the United States). What have you?

My allegiance is not to some theological system (i.e. Evangelical Theology, Reformed/Calvinist Theology, Liberation Theology, Black Liberation Theology) or some sort of theological supremacy and ideology. What have you?

My allegiance is not to some political structure or system ( i.e. Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Capitalism) or to some utopian ideologies or politcal party (i.e. Democratic, Republican, Independent). What have you?

I’m committed to following Jesus Christ and to embody his radical and liberative teachings in my daily encounter with people and attitude toward them, especially my treatment of the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan, and the world’s poor and racially-marginalized populations, and the economically-disadvantaged groups. What have you?

My allegiance is to Jesus Christ alone and I am committed to carrying out his business in the world toward a revolutionary Christ-centered human society and a world deeply touched by God’s forgiveness, grace, life, justice, liberation, and lovingkindness in Christ Jesus.

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