The Burden of Race as The Burden of the Gospel

Racism and racial/racist ideologies  are not  distractions to the Gospel; they are indeed Gospel issues. The problem of race in modernity and post-modernity is a profound theological conundrum.

If the message and messenger of the Gospel can’t heal the deep racial wound of American Evangelicalism and American society, then they’re not relevant to the modern life and should be rejected. If the messenger segregates Gospel issues and race issues, there lies a problem with the messenger’s understanding of the telos of the Gospel, which is arguable reconciliation. Reconciliation has both horizontal and vertical aspects. The Gospel provides the remedy for individuals to be reconciled with God; this act of reconciliation urges individuals to be reconciled with each other.

The Burden of Race is the Burden of the Gospel.

I’m deeply saddened by this report below:

“Why a racially insensitive photo of Southern Baptist seminary professors matters” (The Washington Post)

By Jemar Tisby

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