“Why I Love Paul’s Letter to the Romans”

“Why I Love Paul’s Letter to the Romans”
I love books. I have read many great authors and books throughout my 38th years of existence. In fact, I have a home library of 4,000 books–in addition to the books I have in my work office. For me, life is incomplete without the access to (good) books that could challenge our worldview, ideas, attitude toward life and people, and books that could force us to reevaluate ourselves toward radical transformation, friendship, and radical interdependence and relationality.
Arguably, the most influential book and perhaps the most important book that has ever graced our world is the Letter of Paul to the Romans, written by Paul, the premier (Diasporic) Jewish religious thinker in the first century Palestine.
I challenge anyone to read this revolutionary book and be left unchallenged and unreformed.
*Disclaimer: Yes, I’m biased:-)

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