“10 Tips to Guide Life’s Choices in the Present and Future”

“10 Tips to Guide Life’s Choices in the Present and Future”

  1. We are afraid of strangers because we do not affirm our common humanity.
  2. We fear death because we are afraid of the unknown.
  3. We are isolated from other people because of self-preservation.
  4. We do not love because we are not fully healed.
  5. Compassion is the face of love.
  6. Empathy is the affirmation of our common vulnerability as human beings.
  7. The presence of the future is the realization of dreams in the moment.
  8. The meaning of life is the formation and shaping of one’s character.
  9. The search for power and desire to dominate is not an art form; it will lead to destruction.
  10. The training of the soul is the beginning of a happy life.

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