“Desire”: A New Poem

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to put in poetic imagination what happens when someone is taken away by desires and overwhelmed by passion. So today, my words and feelings are expressed in a poem called “desire.” Let me know what you think.


You grow in me, the sweet flame that burns
I turn to you and am overwhelmed by your stormy gale
You claim my parts and forge a steady path toward sacred passions
Give me vision, I will be your faithful companion
Lead me, I will be your intimate prostitute.

You move within me, the river whose streams make glad the face behind the veil
You become the precious fruit in the garden of my heart and the loudest sound in the night
I touch with care and step to the edge to gather love
You rule my days and command my nights
Teach me, I will be filled with the knowledge of beauty.

You live in me, the city with infinite candles of light
I climb the stairway to heaven to find you
You raise your lamp up high to see my world below
Tears roll down, mixed with vague delights,
I become your forever gaze,
It is your feelings that become my remote control
Dance with me, I will be your daring adventure.

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