“Scent in the Wind”: A New Poem

“Scent in the Wind”

Fresh, colorful scent in the wind
that carries away the news of a renewed romance
Written in purple letters, “Nous aimerons toujours”
So long hidden in the secret of the pit
So far away from the delight of an unending love
Scent of wind, wind of scent!
Come and bring down the rain to shower the eyes of the heart.

Like a glasswing butterfly, we can see the pain through your wings
You live away where the moon greets the stars with morning peace
You escape the rise of the healing sun
You reach the destiny where love is cold,
the place wherein passion declines like the movement of the wind.
Scent of wind, wind of scent!
Come down and restore the world’s broken wings
With sporting brilliant color displays, you will make lovers fly again in strength and power,

Fresh, colorful scent in the wind
that stops the clock of human suffering
We breathe again through your seven scents that give us sweet dreams
We are strong again through the sense of your smell
Like a curator in an art museum, you are curating every day the fragments of our life
To behold as a revealed treasure,
a new and beautiful story that runs at the speed of the wind
Carrier of healing in your clear-sighted wings, you will bring beauty and life to the wounded soul of the world.


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