25 Small Things That Can Make You Happy and Give You A Great Sense of Delight!

25 Small Things That Can Make You Happy and Give You A Great Sense of Delight!

  1. Eating your favorite ice cream
  2. Taking a walk at the park with your someone special
  3. Staying up late at night to stare at the stars & the moon

4.  Going to your favorite vacation spot

  1. Showing kindness to strangers
  2. Feeding someone who is hungry
  3. The birth of a child
  4. Spending quality time with your parents
  5. Dancing to your favorite song in the rain 
  6. Playing in the snow
  7. Preparing your favorite dish
  8. Training your dog a new trick
  9. Wearing your favorite color

14.  Reading a well-written and good book

  1. Receiving an unexpected first kiss from your crush
  2. Your first date with your daughter
  3. Teaching your son the art of baseball

18.  Reading a new novel or poem by your favorite writer

  1. Watching the movements of ocean water
  2. Writing a handwritten letter to the one you love
  3. Dreaming about the future & your best life
  4. Praying for a friend for comfort and peace
  5. Walking barefooted at the beach in the cool of the night
  6. Playing hide and seek in the dark
  7. Calling off from work to help a friend move

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