“Three more endorsements for ‘Theological Education & Christian Scholarship for Human Flourishing'”(my forthcoming Book)

“Three more endorsements: ‘Theological Education & Christian Scholarship for Human Flourishing'” (my forthcoming Book)

I am more thankful to receive three more endorsements from three friends: Dr. Michael Bird, whom I have been reading since my old days of seminary; in fact, I have been following Michael since 2005 when I was working on a Th.M. in New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I can always count on his scholarship and turn to his writings when I want to drift away from the faith. A faithful Christian thinker and a robust New Testament/Theologian and interpreter of the Bible! I especially like his humor and his ability to humanize people and create cross-cultural friendships.

Pastor William Dwight McKissic Sr. : My former pastor, while a student at SWBTS, has instilled in me more passion for the people of God and his heart for justice and faithfulness to the Bible have made me a better Christian and thinker. My wife and I always looked forward to another Sunday sermon and weekly Bible study from Pastor Mckissic’s charismatic and exegetical preaching and teaching; what a great communion and fellowship we enjoyed at Corner Baptist Church during those years in Arlington, Texas!

Dr. Ronald Charles (professor at the University of Toronto), one of foremost biblical scholars from the Caribbean and a great exegete, has been a constant companion to me in writing this book. He would often remind me to pay attention to the text and its application to contemporary life issues in this broken world (“Celucien: What does the text say?”). What a great friend and mentor!

In a previous post, I acknowledged my appreciation to my friends and professors David Bundy and Sègbégnon Mathieu for endorsing the book. Thanks again, mes amis!

Here are the five written endorsements I received from Pickwick Publications; I am currently working on the index for the book (348 pages) and hope to get it done before I return back to work in August.

***The good Lord has been good to me and my family and has carried us through the storms and trials of this life. Glory, majesty, and praise to the triune and eternal God!


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