“Nested Ring of Splendor”: A Poem for and in memory of Hélène Joseph

“Nested Ring of Splendor”
for and in memory of Hélène Joseph

We remember the day when God spat in the wind to create you.
It was before the day of rest, the Sabbath of peace.
The Divine graced the world with your presence, the first woman, the mother of life.
On January 3, 1947, “The Day of Venus,” you became the daughter of Saturn,
the crown Jewel of our life system.
Candle in the dark, your light shines many paths,
when we venture in the valley of obscurity, you enhance visibility.
when we travel in the mountain of ignorance, you give understanding.
You are like the sea-goat in two harmonious forms,
merging drylands and the seas,
linking the children of the sea
and the children of the earth…
as one big family.
You clothe them with wisdom, creativity, and identity.

Mother of 7 beautiful rings, orbiting our Saturn of life,
you put a rainbow in your daughters’ hands,
to display the optical illusion of life,
each one nesting in the sanctuary of your splendor…
in search of the rainbow of life…
You sealed your sons’ future with the rarest pearl in the world.
With your rainbow rings, you filled in the gaps in their life,
unifying them as one.
In your womb, you nurtured life,
From your breath, you gave birth to life
Under your teaching, they grew, evolved, and became wise.
You fed them, sustained them with language,
words that have no end…
sentences with no stops…
You assured their reproduction through the next generation…
You kept them safe, taught them to crawl…
Under your shelter, they found a home,
both loving and good,
beautiful and sweet.

Clothing them with the majesty of motherhood,
with love and peaceful beauty, you bind them all together
in perfect harmony and correlation.
Mother of seven gateways and thresholds,
you protect our throne rooms,
and guard the entryways of the temple of our hearts.
Your limitless resilience, oh the Goddess of every Capricorn,
pushes us forward to prevail over life adversity and painful memory.
Through your daring ambition, we are made strong;
When we are afraid, we remember your courage.
When we lose hope, your spirit inspires faith and trust.
You fill our hearts with joy and laughter.
You will always be the glorious Moon of our galaxy.

Oh, Mother of 75 years today,
Your days were shortened to only 72 innocent years,
but your strength endures…
your humility is transmissible…
you hold perpetual kindness in your healing wings…
You adorn nature with fresh carnations,
a symbolic gift of friendship and trust to humanity.
Yet you will live in us for 72 thousand years in future bliss,
You, our “Nested Ring of Splendor.”

On your birthday,
we will offer you pearls made of raindrops,
coming from faraway lands,
where it does not rain,
a place where roses bloom in spring,
a place where the sun always shines bright,
a place where we can kiss the moon dream at dawn.
We will reactivate your memories,
stored in scattered phases of life.
We will dig the earth to wrap your body,
made of gold and light.
We will dance in the dark with you between our arms,
we will smile at your simple acts of love…
we will sing your name in places,
where life never ends
where you will be Queen,
where your love, the ruling King.
where your virtues, the guiding principles of life.
We will tell your story, the story of the Queen who never dies.

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