The Last Love Poem!

The Last Love Poem!

I will not write you another love poem,
poems made of love inks do not tattoo your heart.
I will not send you another love letter,
with the same magical love languages.
You said “You are not my muse.”
I wrote you love songs with the pencil of God,
to keep you in my destiny,
for our love to stay young and strong.
You responded with tears of bitterness,
with an erasable marker producing alienation.
You sent dried roses in the envelope,
red hot stars to the cold moon
to signal you love has wings.
You changed the love lyrics of language.

I will not write you another love poem,
to bid farewell to an old romance that faded away.
You said “There is no happy love life with you in my world.”
I wrote to you at last so I could forget you.
I penned my last words with a heartache.
You dressed your heart with a dirty robe,
covered your soul with a black mask, 
to be unseen, untouched…
It remains invisible to love at first sight.

I will not write you another love song for a last time.
My last love song is written in an erasable ink.
This is my farewell letter to you,
a woman who turned away from her first sight love.
She exposed all its imperfections.
I will not write to you.
I have no need to remember and to reimagine,
because this love was never true.

I will not write you another love poem.
My new love song is for another poet,
an admirer of love languages,
a poet of love,
a champion of beauty.
You never set your heart to love me.
You never pursued me with a love that lasts.
My pain is turned into shouts of joy,
cheers of delight.
My peace is restored.
All is well with me.

I will not write you another love poem.
You burned my poetry book,
my love languages notebook is torn in scattered pieces.
You turned off the radio when the poet sings
“Love is strong and eternal.”
Your love is not my love.
You ended love, you pushed the sun away.
You betrayed a love, 
so innocent, true, and pure.
This is my last love poem to you.

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