“Black People Saved American Democracy Again “

“Black People Saved American Democracy Again “

Black people have always been the conscience of these United States. In fact, they have been/are America’s greatest teacher of democracy. The gift of democracy is from Black and people of color to White America. It’s the gift they keep giving.

When American democracy was in despair in the time of slavery, the Black people of this nation saved it and reminded America that all people are born free and should live free.

When American democracy was in a state of emergency during the time of segregation, the Black people of this nation renewed it.

When American democracy was exploited by the white church in the name of biblical Christianity and Jesus to ensure white Christian supremacist dominion and hegemony in the times of chattel slavery and Jim and Jane Crow, the Black people of this nation renounced this false religion and redirected the white racist church and white supremacist Christians to true Biblical religion and piety.

When American democracy was collapsing in the times of World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, etc., the people of color in this country sacrificially redeemed American democracy from falling from grace, kindness, and international peace.

When American democracy was losing its effects and relevance in America’s institutions and systems such as the Justice system, the Prison system, the Police system, Black and people of color consistently protested against racial injustice and inequality, mass incarceration, police brutality, and violence towards them, reminded America of its moral vocation in modernity, and demanded fair and equal treatment under the law.

When American democracy was threatening international peace and solidarity through the power of American imperialism and its deadly military invasions and occupations in such a country like Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., the people of color courageously reminded America about the meaning of existential democracy and practical human rights for the people in the Global South and darker nations–even for America’s enemies.

When American democracy was on the verge of declining and fading away in the political life, especially in this presidential election, the Black VOTE saved it from despotism and fascism.

*** Black people and the people of color in this nation are America’s gift of democracy and human dignity to White America.

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