“How to Begin Again: Some Tips on how to ‘Move Forward’ in the Post-Election Life and Future”

“How to Begin Again: Some Tips on how to ‘Move Forward’ in the Post-Election Life and Future”

Bear in mind that society is the creation of people, and that political practices and systems and institutions are grounded deeply in human traditions and worldviews. Correspondingly, we should remember that the democratic life is an effort of all people and it is a state of being in the world; democracy is a way of life and a promising worldview about how the way things should be in the civil and political societies.

The future is also the labor of committed citizens who refuse to let cynicism and hopelessness conquer hope and future possibilities. The greatest enemies to human flourishing and radical progress include despair, cynicism, and hopelessness. Defeat and death cannot stop the march toward progress and our common commitment to create a new American society for children in cages, the convict, the poor, the middle class, the marginalized, the undocumented immigrant, the refugee, and the economically- disadvantaged and underrepresented populations. From this perspective, I would like to share some tips on how to move forward in the post-election life and future. My proposal is based on five great human traditions and systems:

  1. The Black Radical Tradition says:
    “Strengthen your base, mobilize more people with a greater level of determination and commitment,, and march together toward liberation until we arrive there.”
  2. The Liberation Tradition says:
    “Fight until all people are free. Resist all forms of oppression and dehumanization. The commitment to liberation is not an easy road and that freedom is a guaranteed virtue if and when it is pursued collectively and relentlessly toward the same goal.”
  3. The Humanist Tradition says:
    “Let us continue the struggle to create a better world for all people and let us double our energy to force transformation and progress in the world–toward human flourishing.”
  4. The Postcolonial Tradition says:
    “We must eradicate all colonial and neo-colonial practices and habits that are delaying new forms of lives, the creation of a new humanism, and the decolonial vision of the world and society.
  5. The Inter-Religious Tradition says:
    “Love is the greatest weapon to effect radical change in society and to fight human despair and hopelessness, and that love also empowers compassion, strength, dedication, and universal justice in the world.”

Therefore, let us together begin again and create a new America for ourselves, our children, and the future generations yet to be born.

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