“Doing Justice as Intentional Actions”

“Doing Justice as Intentional Actions”

“Doing justice means not showing partiality, not stealing, not swindling, not taking advantage of the weak because they are too uninformed or unconnected to stop you.”—Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert

Doing justice also means to stop the rich, the bourgeois, and the wealthy as well as (big or small) corporations from exploiting the poor and abuse the economically-disadvantaged workers and individuals.

Doing justice also means for the government to create public policies and laws that would protect and preserve the life of the poor and to develop social programs to improve their living conditions in society as well as welfare projects that would restore their dignity and value and reinstate them as full members in society. This kind of justice would contribute to the economically-independence and freedom of the poor and help them to be equipped for the workforce and be responsible and transformed citizens in society.

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