The Crisis of the Virtual School in the Times of Coronavirus

The transition to the virtual school in the times of the coronavirus crisis reveals much about the brokenness and inadequacy of public education and system (K-12 Public Schools) in the United States. By any means am I advocating for private school education in the k-12 level; more than 95% of Americans are educated in public schools. Yet I believe as one of the richest and most resourceful countries in the world, it is time for the American government to take this matter seriously by fixing this crisis and investing in public education.

Now is the time to stop politicizing public education in this country.

Now is the time to invest adequately and constructively in the next generation through good schools, sound technology, and effective pedagogical programs and systems.

Now is the time to think critically and responsibly about the value of public education for the majority of this country’s population.

Now is the time to fully commit to human flourishing and a more promising future of this country through a radical transformation of its public education.

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