“Let us dance”(for a city girl who bids goodbye to urban love)

“Let us dance”
(for a city girl who bids goodbye to urban love)

Let us dance
dance to release the burden of loneliness,
to bring friends together,
with strangers, you will make the city as one.
Dance to destroy false joys in the city.
Bad hope will escape urban love, if you dance.
Hope to the dead, if you shall dance.
Dance to bring life, to those who can’t breathe.
To say no anger within, you will dance;
dance for a new season.

Let us dance
dance as if this is your last move in the city;
the final step that will bring a new urban love,
to revive all who do not want to dance.
Dance to create new forms of life in the city;
to say no to pain;
to bring down fresh rain.
Your dance will make urban love beautiful and just.

Let us dance
by dancing, you will shine again,
climbing to the heavenly sky;
touching the highest star in the city;
Dance to marry the boy you love,
to sex in urban joy as one,
together a new offspring will create.
one that will not die in the city.
Dance to bring peace in desolate places;
urban love will build strong.

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